Broken Days - 2016

Handicap International organizes several fun and educational activities in Geneva in June 2016 to celebrate Broken Chair renovation. Objective : raise awareness about the fact that explosive weapons kill civilians, and explain that it’s possible to take action against their use !

June 17th

Handicap International Village

Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, Geneva

From 10 am to 5 pm, there were workshops to raise awareness of Handicap International’s work in the area of disability and the struggle against explosive weapons. Together with members of the Handicap International team, we invited everyone, and in particular children from 8–13 years of age, to join us in educational and recreational workshops. […]

June 13th to 19th

The story of Broken Chair

Place des Nations, Geneva

What is Broken Chair? Why does it face the United Nations building? This exhibition of photographs followed the story of Broken Chair from 1997 till today.

June 1st to 30th

Exhibition of photographs along the Quai Wilson

Quai Wilson, Geneva

Rendered fragile by its mutilated leg, Broken Chair is a symbol of all that Handicap International strives for. It remains standing with dignity, representing the struggle of victims of explosive weapons around the world. These photographs focus on Handicap International’s struggle against barbaric weapons of war, and on the men, women and children they kill […]