A new Ambassador at Handicap

Football superstar Neymar Jr. becomes Handicap International's Global Ambassador and calls for greater inclusion of people with disabilities.

The footballer Neymar Jr dribbles on Broken Chair

We’re delighted that Neymar Jr. is using his global profile to draw attention to call for greater inclusion of disabled people around the world. He will be a fantastic Ambasador for Handicap International.    Neymar visiting Geneva the 15th August 2017, (c) Fabrice Cofrini / Handicap International “I would like to thank you for what […]

Broken days - 2017

This year, Handicap International is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Broken Chair with two weeks of events. From 18 September to 1 October 2017, the Mont-Blanc bridge and the Place des Nations in Geneva will come alive with the colours of the association. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors in their droves!

“Banners for the 20-year struggle”

For one week, the Mont-Blanc bridge in Geneva will be bedecked with eight Broken Chair banners. Handicap International is taking the opportunity to celebrate the 20 years since this iconic monumental sculpture was erected, and to draw attention to the common struggle: Stop bombing civilians!

The story of Broken Chair

What is Broken Chair? Why does it face the United Nations building? This exhibition of photographs followed the story of Broken Chair from 1997 till today. Handicap International’s Broken Chair maintains a precarious balance on three legs, the fourth having been violently blown off as if by an explosive blast. It symbolises the victims supported by […]

“Bombed, lives to be rebuilt”

In January 2017, the French photographer Philippe de Poulpiquet spent two weeks with Handicap International’s teams in Jordan and Lebanon. Every day they went out to visit Syrian refugees, including numerous victims of explosive weapons. This exhibition gives a voice to these civilians, whose lives were turned upside down in the space of a second. […]