Exhibition of photographs along the Quai Wilson | Broken Days - 2016

June 1st to 30th (Quai Wilson, Geneva)

Rendered fragile by its mutilated leg, Broken Chair is a symbol of all that Handicap International strives for. It remains standing with dignity, representing the struggle of victims of explosive weapons around the world.
These photographs focus on Handicap International’s struggle against barbaric weapons of war, and on the men, women and children they kill and wound.
Victims of anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war: visitors met Sayed, an innocent Afghan child who became a military target; or Aichan, from Laos, injured by a bomb as he worked in the fields.
From Syria to Colombia, from Afghanistan to Cambodia, this exhibition took visitors on a journey from weakness to strength, disequilibrium to stability, violence to dignity. It extends Broken Chair’s universal message of opposition to armed violence inflicted on civilians. Ithelps us all to reflect on our own responsibility to reject the unacceptable, and to take action.
At the same time, it pays homage to those photographers, professionals and amateurs, who, working with the organization, brought back such highly charged images and stories.