Handicap International Village | Broken Days - 2016

June 17th (Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, Geneva)

From 10 am to 5 pm, there were workshops to raise awareness of Handicap International’s work in the area of disability and the struggle against explosive weapons.

Together with members of the Handicap International team, we invited everyone, and in particular children from 8–13 years of age, to join us in educational and recreational workshops. Find out what clearing mines is like in an area contaminated by the explosive remnants of war (all the mines and ammunition used are deactivated or dummies). Visitors were invited to put themselves in the position of a person (with a disability) in a wheelchair, walk with an artificial leg, or imagine being someone who has to get hold of her survival kit in an emergency. Finally, they commented on the videos telling the stories of the people we help in more than 60 countries around the world.

To make you aware of what drives us: “Standing tall”, we invited the visitors to bring a pair of shoes, in good condition, and place them on the pyramid of shoes. They have been given to a charitable organisation in Geneva.